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Our sip tours feature the wineries listed on the tour page, selection is based on availability.

Our anchor tours feature everything that is listed in the tour information dropdown menu.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Lunch or Dinner tours do not cover the cost of the meal, which guests will need to pay for.

You can book directly online with the BOOK NOW button, or give us a call at 778-583-5555 or email if you’re looking for a custom charter.

50% is required to secure your tour at time of booking, with the remaining balance due 48 hours prior to your tour date.

To minimize cash transactions, we provide a dropdown gratuity option at the time of your booking, allowing you to select a 15% or higher gratuity.

Although you have already included gratuity at the booking stage and feel that your Guide has delivered exceptional service beyond your expectations, offering a cash tip at the conclusion of your tour is always appreciated.

Yes: The guide receives the complete auto-gratuity amount.

You’ll receive an automated email confirming your reservation once a deposit or full payment has been made. We do our best to hold requests as long as possible, but cannot guarantee a secured reservation until a deposit is made, due to high demand.


The cost of lunch or dinner during our tours with meal stops is the responsibility of the guests and should be settled directly with the restaurant at the time of your meal!


If you’d like to bring a picnic instead, or have other lunch requests we can make that happen!

All of our shared wine tours are PUBLIC, and will have multiple people on the vehicle.  We also have a private tours option for groups of 6 or more.


Private tours are great for groups or couples celebrating a special occasion, or anyone who is looking for something a bit more exclusive.

Depending on the size of your group, we have a few options available:

  • Our Ford Transit Van can accommodate a maximum of 14 passengers; we offer private tours to groups with a minimum of 8 seats purchased.
  • Our Signature Tour accommodates a maximum of 12 passengers; we offer private tours with a minimum of 8 seats purchased.
  • For larger groups, please contact us.

Great question!

First, make sure you have your number of guests finalized. Then check out all of our Sip Tours and Anchor Tours and decide which sounds the most fun!

We recommend the Signature Tour (up to 12 guests).

Because it’s a special day, we require you to fully reserve our tour vehicle to keep your VIP party exclusive to you.

  • For groups of up to 14 guests, you can rent our 14-passenger Ford Transit 350 HD Van; payment is required for a minimum of 8 seats.

For groups wanting to do the Signature Tour, we can accommodate up to 12 passengers on the boat; payment is required for a minimum of 8 seats.


It is the policy of several wineries not to allow Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, whether with an organized group or self-toured. We don’t think it’s totally fair but we respect our winery partners’ choice to keep things chill. We will do our best to take you to more accommodating wineries who aren’t going to police your fun as much, though we ask out of respect that attire remains tasteful, and you keep in mind respect to the wineries we do visit and their other guests.

If you have any questions about this we welcome your feedback, and thank you for your understanding.

Our pick-up zone lays primarily within a 10 km radius of downtown Kelowna and some locations in West Kelowna.

We want to offer our guests convenience, while maximizing time spent tasting wine and minimizing time in a vehicle.
We understand that Kelowna has a number of great accommodations outside our main pick-up zone.

Depending on the size of your group, location and which tour you’re joining, you may be eligible for pick-up and drop-off for a fee of $10-15 per person (plus 5% GST).

These locations include:

  • Sheraton Four Points Hotel
  • YLW/Kelowna International Airport
  • Black Mountain, Rutland (past Hollywood Rd & Hwy 33)
  • Lakeshore Rd (past Cedar Creek Winery)
  • Gallagher’s Canyon
  • June Springs
  • Glenmore (past Scenic Dr)
  • McKinley Landing

For guests staying at Sparking Hill, Predator Ridge, La Casa or Lake Okanagan Resort joining a mixed-group (non-private) tour, we recommend arranging alternative transportation to meet us at a central pick-up point.

Big White is outside of our pick-up zone and we do not offer transportation here. If you are staying at Big White we recommend arranging alternative transportation to meet us at a central pick-up point in Kelowna.


If your group is staying at one of these locations, we offer pick-up and drop-off for a flat rate of $200 (plus 5% GST).

If you have any questions or are unsure if your accommodation is within the zone, feel free to contact us.

Due to the laws in BC, no open alcohol is allowed on the vehicle, or any space that is not in the venue itself.

Our guides are also well versed on how to spot intoxication on tours, however, never be afraid to ask for water – which we have available on our tours, and at the wineries – or if you prefer to sit out at a venue, just let your guide know.

Your guide is there to make sure you are having a fun day and will help out wherever needed – however, if you are belligerent in any way, our guides do reserve the right to send you home in a taxi, at your expense.


Currently the only boat option that has pick-up and drop-off included is the Signature Tour.
Boat tour guests can park in the large pay parking lot across from the Hotel El Dorado.


We encourage it! We can also arrange anything from pizza and pop to charcuterie and bubbles for a special occasion.
Please let us know ahead of time if you’d like us to add something like that to your boat charter.


We offer two very different services: wine tours (by land) and boat tours (no wineries).
We created the Signature Tour to offer the best of both; a shorter wine tour in the AM and an afternoon of boating.

While we can accommodate 14 people in our Transit van (plus 6 more in the Expedition), we have an absolute limit of 12 passengers for the boat due to Transport Canada laws.

Alternatively, we will do our best to arrange with another boat charter company to offer you a second boat if you wish. Please keep in mind we would require a minimum of 8 seat purchases on our boat, plus the cost of the second boat and its relevant fees.

Another option would be to do a morning Shorty tour with us, and rent out (separately) a larger sail boat charter with one of our partner businesses. We can point you in the right direction but cannot guarantee availability.

If this is something you’d be interested in arranging please give us a call!

We will wine tour in the rain, smoke, or shine!

Note: In the event of forest fires, some wineries/wine regions may be unavailable so we would adjust our itinerary to give you a great experience regardless.
For boat tours, in the event of lake flooding, heavy rain/lightening or wind, we will have to reschedule with you (dependent on availability) or offer a full refund. We do our best to provide a 24 hour whether watch notice, but sometimes the whether can change quickly. We want to make sure our guests have an enjoyable and safe experience with us.


In the case of bad weather, we will still do the wine tour portion of the tour but will unfortunately have to cancel the boat portion.

For the afternoon, we have a few options:
We can continue with a lunch stop and more wineries (charged at full day rate) or can call it quits after the morning portion (charged at the half day rate).

If you have any questions or have some feedback we would love to hear from you.

Sip & Anchor does have a minimum requirement of 4 guests to be able to run a regular tour during peak season May – Sept.

If you are a group of 2 people that have booked in, and not enough people have booked on a specific tour, we do reserve the right to move you to another tour that is appropriate on the day or the following day, with notice. Your tour will not be cancelled unless emergency.

Our departure times may also change slightly based on availability or unforeseen circumstances.

Sip & Anchor also reserves the right to change wineries, vehicles or guides at any time.

Our guides go to great lengths to provide concierge services throughout the day, making sure your wine purchases are handled and identifiable for each guest – however, sometimes things happen.

Make sure when leaving the vehicle at the end of the tour, you have everything you climbed in the vehicle with, and please check your wine purchases to make sure they are all accounted for, before saying goodbye to your awesome guide.

Sip & Anchor is not responsible for lost items or any misplaced wine purchases on the tour and will not compensate for missing items.

Comfortable and smart casual attire is always a reliable choice. If you opt for a themed outfit, dresses are suitable – just ensure you wear comfortable shoes since you may be on your feet for most of the day.

Your guide can address any questions you have during the tour. Feel free to inquire with the tasting server at the wineries or venues you visit about the beverages you’re sampling – they enjoy discussing their products and will gladly provide information.

Please note that Sip & Anchor reserves the right to arrange a cab ride home at the guest’s expense for individuals who are intoxicated or unwell due to a hangover.


We love to accommodate groups for custom tours, corporate shuttles, dinner parties, etc. If you need transportation we can help.
For non-wine tour charters we can accommodate up to 20 passengers between our two vehicles.
Call for a quote.

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